Housing Masterplan. Safron Walden.

Housing Masterplan

Safron Walden
(with Capita Architecture)


Ashwell Homes


A feasibility study to investigate whether the current Bell School site in Saffron Walden was viable and incorporate the housing developer's requirements.

Three different masterplan options were carried out. These images show one of the options which not only demolishes all buildings on site but retains all mature trees and new buildings are built around it. There are a mix of building types to add variety to the site and to create more open spaces for the residents.

The different building types are 1 - 1/2 bed apartments all in one block, 2 - 2/3 bed townhouses, 3 - 2/3 bed terraced houses and 4 - 3/4 bed detached houses. The buildings are all in red brick to reflect the texture of the surrounding buildings and the town.

Housing Masterplan
Initial layout options
Layout development plans
Final masterplan layout
3D massing of masterplan layout
Townhouse sketches
Sketch view of main apartment building
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