Foremarke Hall bird's-eye view

New Classroom Facility

Foremarke Hall
(with Marchini Curran Associates)


Foremarke Hall Prep School, Repton


A competition entry to create a new classroom facility with view of constructing it in three separate phases. One of the brief requirements was to incorporate a cloister around a quadrangle as seen at many traditional schools.

The main classroom building (Phase 1) incorporates English, French and Maths classrooms as well as an IT facility. Phase 1 is then joined by an arts and design facility (Phase 2) with two large open plan studio spaces. The orientation of Phase 2 building allows for natural light and ventilation.

Phase 3 is added to the southern part of the site and accommodates the music school. A performance hall which opens out onto the quad like a stage is surrounded by small individual rooms where music lessons are carried out.

House extension
Foremarke Hall
Proposed floor plans showing phases: 1, classrooms; 2, art & design; 3, music
Perspective sketches. Top – view to Quad from south and Bottom – view to south entrance from access road
House extension
Basket arch detail drawing
Birds eye view of proposal
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